LRs GNU Linux>

LRs GNU/Linux is a fast distro , because we are a opimized source-distro , based upon LFS
we have our own portage-system named idum/LRs-IDUM and you can select packages to install with it.
idum can download Source-Tarballs and install / list and delete it -)

If you need more Information about LRs , please read our old Homepage
(Sorry , but i'm working for LRs and not for the Homepage) that whay look here: Custom Essay Writing Service: a Review for Your Convenience my new homepage.

Stable Version: IggY

Release Candidat: Creme-13-rc2

Creme-13 contains LFS-5.0 KDE-3.1.4 xfree-430 and much more (~550MB Sourcecode)

Download it from here : LRs-Linux-Creme-13-rc2.iso
Please check MD5SUM : LRs-Linux-Creme-13-rc2.iso.md5

Use a mirror near your location :Ibiblio
(not all of them mirroring the distributions-directory)

CVS-Respository : Berlios

Gett Help here : ML-EN   ML-DE

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